Mautic to face the Brazilian crisis and prepare for the next years of growth

The crisis is an excellent moment to change drastically our behaviors, mainly that are taking us from our goals. It’s a special time for us Brazilians.

According to IBGE (research institute) Brazil economy contracted 3.8%?in 2015, in 2016 will contract again, around 3.8%. Next year, 2017, will be better, will increase 0.44%.? Many economists believe the next years will be better, this because the last 3 years we had many damming investments?as soon as the crisis passes they began to leave the paper.

Let’s think together if the last 2 years we decrease around 3.8% this meaning a 0.44% growth in 2017 will represent a scenario 4% better we are living now and for 2018 will be better.

How your company are preparing your business for growth in 2017? Yes, 2017, we are living a time to plant and cultivate new business to reap in 2017 and 2018.

I want to share with you the Mautic, Mautic is a free marketing software where we can plant new business with low cost. With Mautic is possible to generate more leads, keep a warm relation with actuals and manage the customer relation to plant better, fast and cheaper. With Mautic, your sales and marketing team can create content and send to thousands of prospects an automatic way.

Everybody use google to find solutions, right? You can use Mautic to put this content online to be found for your customers. Imagine you a bilingual school owner, probably, most of the parents have doubts about what is the best age to beginning teaching other languages for his children. Many parents, including me,? search in Google for specialists opinions, this is the right moment do insert a great content and get a qualified lead for your business.

All areas are happening the same: industry, retail, technology, B2B products and services, we are searching all time. With Mautic, we can create web pages to promote our content and insert forms to get lead information, like name, email, company name, industry, and after this send emails to build a relationship with them, all of this inside the Mautic.

I have no doubts that we are living the best moment to introduce new tools and best practices to change our sales and marketing for better. We have 2 ways to start with Mautic. You can download here?and install on your server or use the total free until 2.500 contacts.

“Something good comes out of every crisis” Dave Petzer

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