Marketing Automation

What is Mautic

Mautic is a free marketing software where we can plant new business with low cost. With Mautic is possible to generate more leads, keep a warm relation with actuals and manage the customer relationship to plant better, fast and cheaper. With Mautic, your sales and marketing team can create content and send to thousands of prospects an automatic way. Everybody use google to find solutions, right? You can use Mautic to put this content online to be found for your customers.

Mautic na PHP Conference

Tivemos a honra de nossa palestra sobre Mautic ser aprovada no PHP Conference 2016. Desde 2008 acompanhamos o evento e desde sempre aprendemos muito com as palestras e agora ? nossa vez de compartilhar o que estamos aprendendo na Powertic. Na Powertic oferecemos Hospedagem, Instala??o, Suporte e centenas de plugins e temas profissionais de Mautic e Wordpress. Todos os plugins e temas s?o com objetivo de Inbound Marketing e Gera??o de Leads.