Whether Software touch the customers, Marketing Automation hugs them

I remember when the?best industrial practices were introduced in all administrative areas to improve the productivity, reduce costs and increase revenue. In 90?s, a lot of companies were looking this answers through 5S, Kanban, ISO 9001 and others frameworks that were born in industry.

Now it seems this gold rush is looking for Silicon Valley. The way how software is eating the world?with new business models and, of course, with high profits,?make software development into a Star.

Such as happened with GM, Toyota, GE in the 80’s. Today, every company wants(need) to be a software company. Whether this transformation is hard, we can copy their main techniques, like Scrum, Pair Programming, Kiss, XP and adopt all of them, who knows,?get a little closer.

Probably Marketing is the first software?s fan. After years struggling against IT department, Marketing?realized they were inundated in IT world?and know they want to learn how manage the Marketing like the IT do.

Why Marketers became software fans? Because Marketers always had all the powers to touch the target and communicate?the desired message through traditional?media. Now they need operate software all the time to communicate their?messages. Adwords, Facebook, Analytics, Marketing Automation,?Mobile. Marketing needs a deep knowledge how these tools work.

“The way your particular Web analytics software chooses to track and aggregate data, how it lets you visualize that data, the options it gives you for customizing reports? all of these things will affect your perceptions of what you see in activity on your website. In turn, that will influence the decisions you make based on that information. Software is also our hands by which we touch our audience through a digital channel. Here too, the particular software you purchase? depending on its capabilities, its user interface, and what it makes easy or hard to do? will shape what you deliver through this channel.” Hacking Marketing Book.

Whether with software, Marketing can touch the customers, tools like?Mautic is possible to hug and nurture them. With Mautic, for example, Marketing can manage all customers touch points and manage them?without IT assistance.

In a digital world, Marketing Automation is the right tool to Marketing be more productivity and assertive and indeed, is the best answer to make into software companies.



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